Plasti-Pellets - 3lb Bag, Weighted Stuffing Beads, Poly Beads, Craft Pellets, Resin


100% Polyethylene plastic pellets that are excellent for crafting, weighted blankets, bean bags, eye spy bags, and much more. ğŸŽ¨ Our crafting plastic beads are a high quality, 100% virgin, product. 


  • 🧊 3lb Bag, Over 10 Cups!, Premium quality polyethylene plastic poly fill pellets!
  • ✔️ No Dyes, Pigments or Perfumes! 100% Virgin
  • 🍁 Packaged with care in Canada
  • ✂️ Ideal density for dolls, plushies, corn hole bags, hacky sacks, weighted blankets and other sensory items, rock polishers and a variety of other craft and hobby applications.