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Wooden Name Sign - High Quality Script Name -


Get any name you would like cut from wood to display in your home .Whether it's for a first name, a word or an expression, we can make it happen with our personalized wooden name signs. The only limit is your imagination. Simply enter the word (s) you want in the appropriate space and you will immediately see a preview.

Cut from 3/8" Baltic birch wood.


Please Note: All boards are unique.
We must emphasize the fact that no piece of wood is exactly the same. There may be slight variations in the color of the wood, grain, mineral streaks, pinholes and knots.



Choose the width you want from 12" - 36'" wide, height will vary depending on name & font chosen.
**Please Note: If ordering a 12" wide name the maximum number of letters is 6**

If you have a lowercase "i" or "j" we will automatically ship the dot connected unless otherwise requested.

We will automatically cut all orders with the first letter of the name uppercase and all other letters lowercase, unless VERY specific instructions are given. (Example: abby will be cut as Abby, unless a note is included to make all letters lowercase.)

If you would like to order more than one  wooden name sign please message us in regards to sizing. The length of the name will change the height of each sign, so shorter names could end up being taller than long names.


We have 12 different font options for you to choose from! Just pick one from the image in the listing menu.

If you are looking for a different font just message us and we can figure something out for you.


A digital design proof of your wooden name sign will be sent within 1-2 business days of receiving the order.
IMPORTANT: if you would like to make any changes to the design, you must respond within 2 days of receiving your design. If we do not hear back from you we will move forward with the original design. 



We suggest using one of the following double sided tapes:

- 3M Command Strips
- Gorilla Mounting Tape
- Velcro Hanging Strips

* No hanging tools will be shipped with the signs. *


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